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LetmeRecruit- Industry's Leading Software for Recruitment Industry.

By: Gurmeet | Company: LetmeRecruit, | Views: 2605, | Date: 30 December 2013

Simplifying the entire hiring methodology is the need of the hour for any organization and we can say that proves to be a boon for organizations. This software is fast, secure and highly reliable and brings in transparency in to the entire process. Companies making these software provide enhanced security and easy disaster recovery so that clients always have access to their database. It also allows online communication with the candidate and provides periodical updates for better response


Key Features- Let me Recruit

By: Gurmeet | Company: LetmeRecruit, | Views: 2911, | Date: 03 January 2014

Let me Recruit was developed to ensure that the established recruitment agencies could streamline their activities with the aim of increasing productivity levels. Successful hiring on a continuous basis is the key aim of such organizations. www.letmerecruit.com along with the superior applicant tracking software brings in automation when it is needed the most. Complete automation allows the agencies to han


How CMS makes the entire process easy

By: Neelam | Company: , | Views: 2555, | Date: 25 January 2014

A dedicated CMS helps hiring agencies to contact and stay in constant communication with the candidate through notifications and e mails. The system also helps in scheduling interviews and manages interactions between the employer and the prospective employee.

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