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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get set-up with Let me Recruit online recruitment software?

You really can be up and running instantly. You don't need to download any software and there is no installation. Once you've signed up, our system will send you a unique login and password and you can get started to demo account instantly. As it is online software and need to configure in your domain this generally takes around 24 hrs.

What happens after the free trial?

At any point during or after the trial you can choose to purchase Let me Recruit which will give you all the functionality of the full product. We will contact you throughout the trial alerting you to how many days you have left. At the end of the trial you will have the option of purchasing a license or just delete your data if you wish.

Am I tied into a fixed term contract?

There is no fixed contract, generally you have to give one month notice if you wish to discontinue.

Is it simple to update my existing recruitment data?

Yes. You simply have to submit a spreadsheet containing all your data into pre-defined columns. If you would prefer, we provide a data-upload service for an affordable fee, speak to our team for details. Contact us at info@lunettasoftware.com

Do I require training to use Let me Recruit?

It is very simple & user-friendly application to understand still we offer training as an option and we strongly recommend it, Let me Recruit also comes with a training manual that extensively cover all aspects of the software.

What is the minimum or maximum amount of users?

There is no, limit on number of users. Whether you are a start-up recruitment agency or an established SME, the flexibility of Let me Recruit means there are no restrictions on the amount of users.

Can I import my current contacts?

Yes – Let me Recruit has several standard import formats to allow you to easily import your existing client list. If you have a large amount of more complex data, our services team are always there to assist you at really affordable price.

Does Let me Recruit run on an Apple Mac as well as Windows?

Yes – It is browser based application hence it can run in platform.

What payment options are available?

At the moment there are pay via cheque, direct deposit to account & Pay via cash options available but very soon we will be coming with the online payment options. For more details please contact sales@lunettasoftware.com

What system requirements does my computer need?

You can run Let me Recruit on any machine which has capability to run browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. You also can run Let me Recruit on smartphones and tablets without any problem.

If I have a problem to whom do I contact?

If you have a technical issue that you need resolving, or you may have some issue with billing just drop email at support@lunettasoftware.com or call at +91 022 65117999 we will resolve your issue within 30 minutes during normal office hrs.

I have just signed up, how do I get started?

We will send you your username and password, so you can access your Let me Recruit account, we recommend you read the getting started guide which is included on the welcome email. It is also good to book yourself onto a training session, which are run twice a week. We will contact you throughout the trial to ensure you are using Let me Recruit effectively.